Sunday, September 19, 2010

BAD Food Photography

So, as I flipped through my Oct/Nov 2010 edition of Fine Cooking, which is full of wonderful layouts, delicious recipes, and great food photography, I stumbled across an ad for Carolina Rice. It is the print ad above which is apparently the best representation of their product they could come up with. I could definitely use a couple of paragraphs to critique the ad as a whole, but I won't. I really want to focus on the image they selected to present how their product could be used (yes, the seafood paella, or Pacific Rim Rice with Seafood as Carolina Rice calls it). 

Well, here is my opinion- I am NOT feeling it. The photo really isn't appealing, nor does the dish looks appetizing. The image is blurry, which I really don't understand because it is a close up. The blurriness also makes the already unappealing seafood even more unappealing. I am sure a better dish and photo could have been selected for this ad, which would have represented the use of rice better.  I will probably always associate this image with Carolina Rice now, which is sad because I love rice and have never thought of any rice negatively. 

This is a sad day...

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