Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interesting Ad

The image above is an ad for Australia Post, which is an Australian postal service. It encourages its audience to send letters for a more personal touch, which seems silly in the world of email. However, the ad is very clever (and a little creepy) for it to mainly consist of type. I wish the woman didn't have that facial expression, but I am sure I would look worse if a man emerged out of a letter to hug me. I think this is a good, yet simple use of typography.


  1. Wow that is suuuch a cool image. I love how the words are showing emotion towards the woman. Using hand written type in any concept now-a-days does seem out-dated. Especially since people will use their phone to make a quick note soon than they will jot it down on a stick note.

    By the way, please check out my new infographic. Here's a direct link.

  2. I have this same ad on my blog too. It is a clever way to communicate their message