Thursday, November 11, 2010

EFFECTIVE New Cigarette Packaging?

While watching the news this morning, I was a little creeped out by the new packaging the government wants to use for cigarettes. The idea of the new packaging is to display a visual warning of the harm cigarettes can do to a person instead of using the Surgeon's General Warning.

Immediately, I thought of the images Amy wanted to use in her organ donor campaign. Although the messages between Amy's campaign and the new cigarette boxes are different, I now understand how certain images can create uneasiness in an audience. But then again, maybe smokers need to see the dangers and become uneasy with seeing such images. That might be the beginning of their road to quitting.

I know that tobacco companies are not thrilled with the idea of sharing their packaging with the image of a dude in a coffin. Let's see where this goes...


  1. I heard about this on the radio yesterday morning and meant to Google it when I got into work to check out the design, so thanks for posting. Maybe it's a little over the top, but perhaps it'll be a reality check for smokers.

  2. Hahah, these are hilarious! The bottom line is, you could make cigarettes smell like poop and people would still smoke them. Putting these images on the package aren't going to deter people in great numbers.

    Its 2010, people know the risks, if they are still dumb enough to light up, then they'll just have to deal with the dead body in a coffin on the front of their pack.

    Maybe companies that make those cigarette holders will suddenly take off. People will buy their cigarettes and transfer them to another package.

  3. Although a reality check for smokers, most probably won't even pay the new packaging any attention. Nor, will they tend to take it serious if comic art style is used either. I mean people who smoke, and have been smoking for years have probably tried every mechanism to smoke and seen all the marketing techniques to discourage smoking. Those certain people are probably stuck in their ways and could care less at this point. So maybe effective for new smokers and those people thinking about smoking (well, if the art direction changes its focus).

  4. Interesting, I like the illustrations more than the pictures but I guess that is against the point. These still are not shocking enough for the product but the message is clear.

    Honestly, everyone knows smoking is bad for you, do we really need these graphic displays?